Customer Reviews

Here are actual comments about us from some of our recent customers:

“My experience with We Buy Cars was great. Mark came out and looked at the car. He gave me $800 more than what CarMax was offering in cash, right then and there. The whole process took about an hour. It was all very convenient. I would definitely recommend them.”

Nick V.

“I cannot say enough good things about! The buyer was cordial and professional when he came to buy my car, and I got cash on the spot. Both Jesse (who handles paperwork) and the buyer went above and beyond to assist with some particularities involving my title. I am recommending to all my friends. Use this company to buy your car! You can’t go wrong!”

Chuck W.

“Great experience. I would sell another car to them in a heartbeat. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It was hassle free and easy. The buyer was very nice, polite and helpful. I will recommend to my friends and family.”

Chris L.

“I recently sold my vehicle to and found the process to be very efficient and hassle free. I contacted them and a representative came to me within an hour. The buyer was the representative and he was very professional and helpful. We concluded the transaction within 1 hour. I would recommend to anybody looking to sell their vehicle that does not have time to market it on their own. The process was very simple.”

Michael M.

“Great experience twice now. They are fast, easy to work with and honest. Highly recommended if you are looking to sell your car.”

April A.

“This is the best service I have ever used! They contact you within a few minutes of chatting with someone live online. They come and pay cash and in less than two hours you have cash in your pocket and have one less thing to worry about. Will recommend them to everyone I know and if I ever need to dispose of a car again, I will surely call The buyer, I have to say, was very sweet and patient with me and gave me a much better deal than all the other places I had called. THANK YOU!”

Elizabeth B.

“After a horrible ordeal with my car and having to go through the tedious process of buying a new car, the last thing I wanted to deal with was what to do with my old car! I phoned a friend and they told me would take care of all the dirty work and put cash in my hands so that I could just wipe my hands clean and move on with my life.

The buyer, a representative of the company, not only drove to my dealership and dealt with them and the bill as well as make all the arrangements to get the car without me ever having to go back there, but he also drove well out of the way to where I work so that I could sign a few papers, ALREADY filled out for me, and hand me cash.

As far as I’m concerned, the effortlessness of the whole thing was worth as much to me as the money they put in my hands!

I recommend them…I’d use them again…I don’t know if there’s a more pleasant way to get a car off your hands!!!”

Randy A.

“I just sold my car to and they were great! So simple and was a breeze, done in 30 minutes. The buyer was awesome and made it fun for me to give the car to their company and he made me feel very secure with this sale. Nothing came out of my pocket and I got cash up front!! Thank you!!!!!”

Briana O.

“This was the most pleasant disposition of a car I’ve ever had. Called the phone number, the buyer was at my house in an hour and a half, there was some title confusion on the car which had kept me from wanting to go through the hassle of the DMV. They walked through all the paperwork, I signed the title and got the cash on the spot. Highly recommended.”

Robert O.

“The buyer was very helpful, kind and considerate. I was nervous about selling my car and handling the paperwork, but he walked me through the process. After looking at my car, the buyer gave me a fair price. I’m very glad I chose from my Google search and am impressed with the great service! Thank you.”

Thomai H.

“Selling my car to was one the most pleasant experiences I had regarding any car situation. The whole process took about 30 minutes. Simple, fast experience. The buyer was a nice guy whose service was great.”

Stephanie G.

“These people are down to earth who help you to the max. I am pleased that this was the best and easiest way to let a car go. I was beyond satisfied. Thank you Jason for your humor on Mondays, I’m 100% sure I’ll be back here once again. Thanks again.”

Arthur S.

“Today was a beautiful day, and I’m not referencing the weather. I’m talking about the ease and comfort I had in dealing with

“This morning I decided it was time to sell my ’99 Honda CRV but wasn’t real sure where to start. It had been on the market and had offers from private parties, but none of them seemed too serious in an actual purchase, so I wanted to search my other options. I started by looking online. That’s where the first bit of ease comes in. I put in a Google search query for “who will buy your used car?” and the first link (and only one I needed) was

“I followed the link and before I could even start perusing the site I was asked if I wanted to live chat with someone. I did, and within a few minutes the buyer had answered all my questions about the process. He then reassured any concerns I had (sounding too good to be true) by forwarding me to their reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, and then set up a time later that same day for someone to come out take a look at the car and make me an offer. Easy Schmeezy and comfortable so far considering I haven’t even left my house yet, but it gets even better.

“The buyer had told me during our chat, that without even seeing the car they could possibly offer me as low $700 up to $1200 cash today for the vehicle and they would come and take it away. To me that was worth someone coming out to take a look, and I’m glad I did.

“Later that afternoon I was contacted by an amiable and punctual ‘buyer’. A good businessman understands the importance of time, and in my book none is more important than your own. That’s another bit of comfort provided. From the first phone conversation to our eventual meeting the buyer was incredibly accommodating. He made the face to face portion of this transaction go smoothly and never tried to make me feel pressured to sell my car nor unsafe.

“After looking the car over and exchanging a few pleasantries he contacted his boss at to find out the final offer. Two minutes later he came back to me and said if I sold it today he would give me MORE than I was told earlier online. MORE! Well that’s a no-brainer! I said yes and after agreeing to the final terms for the car to be picked up and a few signatures, he handed me payment IN CASH! Incredible.

“I can’t express how happy and surprised I was (and still am) that it was this easy. A company like will be around and growing for sure if they keep people like these buyers around, because they make what can be a stressful negotiation, as I mentioned in the beginning, an easy and comfortable one. I highly recommend YOU do business with them if you’re looking to sell your car this is a great place to start. I know I will recommend them to people I know, and use them again when I need to. In a final word from me I would give them an A+++ rating, and it didn’t have to be, but with wonderful customer service/REALLY FAIR PRICE for my vehicle this review wrote itself. I wish this company and its employees the best, and as they say on eBay: DO BUSINESS HERE!”


“Selling my car to them was a piece of cake. I called them one day, set up an appointment for the next day and sold my car just like that. The person on the phone was courteous and professional. And the guy who came to see the car, the buyer, was friendly, quick and efficient. I would highly recommend to sell your car to, if you are in a rush, or just don’t want to deal with advertisement.”

Antonio V.

“This transaction was efficiently and professionally handled. The buyer came to the location to view the car and was in contact all along the way to effect this sale. The entire transaction only took a few hours (by phone and him picking up the paperwork and paying what he agreed for the car). I would definitely use this service again.”

Jason E.

“Excellent transaction! The buyer was a big help and everything took under ten minutes. Would definitely use next time I have a crappy car die on me.”

David M.

“Thank you for your very prompt service. The buyer drove out to Hondo Texas and waited for me to arrive home from work. He was very polite and professional. The entire experience took less than an hour. Price was fair given the condition of the car.

“As with all vehicle transactions we had a moment of haggling but quickly agreed on a price. Make sure that you know what the value of the car is and be honest as to the condition during your phone call. You should get an estimate of the amount you’ll be paid. My car happened to be in a little better shape than I reported and I was able to be a little stronger in my haggling. I will recommend them to my friends.

“The fact that I don’t have to worry about transporting the car was well worth the phone call to you guys.

“Thanks We Buy Cars!”

Stephen D.

“I was very impressed with the efficiency of the whole process. I made the call, explained my situation, and was told that I would receive a call back when the rep was at the site of my vehicle, close to 2:00 that same day. Just before 2:00 (very prompt) I received a call from the buyer. I explained my scenario and he seemed genuinely concerned. We met shortly after and he began his inspection of the car, including starting it up to confirm it ran. He named his price, we agreed and then he began the paperwork. We were done and out of there in less than 45 minutes, start to finish. Thanks!”

Sandra N.

“I have dealt with them twice now and they are excellent. They don’t try to lowball you like some others do. They will give you a fair price for your vehicle. I dealt with Jason this time and he was the best person I’ve ever done business with.”

Michelle M.

“Overall great experience. I called the toll free number on a Saturday afternoon and spoke to someone immediately. I had to have someone at my mechanic’s shop by a certain time before they closed. The local rep (Brian for DFW metroplex) contacted me within 15 minutes and was at the shop on time. The buyer was polite, explained the process and offered me the exact amount of money I wanted for the car. Within 3 hours from when I called the toll free number, the entire process was complete. I wanted a quick solution, a certain amount for my car, and someone who provided good service. I received exactly what I wanted. Thank you”

Joe V.

“I’m located in the Bay Area. After 3 major car lots and plenty ‘Cash for Cars’ people, We Buy Cars was the best service and agents I dealt with. Gave me the best offer for my car and was fast. They are on top of the game. Had a lot of fun talking with Justin and Roger on instant chat and met with Lafayette and Roger in person. Fast and professional. I can’t even believe that the transaction was clean and fast!”

Gage H.

“Awesome service from The buyer was a real pleasure do business with, did not try to low ball me on the purchase of my SUV. Showed up fast, and I live out in the sticks in Spring Branch, Texas. He had cash in hand and with a minimum of friendly negotiation the sale was completed. I highly recommend this company and especially the buyer who is in my opinion an honest man. He is an all-around good bloke. Contact them with confidence.”

Bryan N.

“As a consultant and business owner, customer service and ease of use of a product is paramount for me. My time is as valuable as the next person’s, and good service allows me to pass it on to my clients as well.

“The We Buy Cars team was very helpful in the quote process, arrived on time, and was able to provide exceptional service.

“Thank you again for providing great service in a timely way!

“YOU ROCK! Thanks.”

Linda N.

“I found online and made the call, I was able to give them my information over the phone and they gave me a pricing estimate for my vehicle. The next day they sent my buyer out, who was very friendly, to look at my car and give me a quote. After his inspection he was able to talk with his supervisor to quote me a price. After some negotiation I was able to get the price I was looking for and make the sale. The process took less than an hour and I was paid in cash on the spot. Very easy, very professional. I would recommend to anyone looking to sell their vehicle quickly and with no hassles. Thank you.”

Joseph S.

“, you all have a good thing going on. If you keep up the great service there will be no stopping you all. Good doing business with you. Very friendly and helpful.”

Deston A.

“Great staff! The buyer was friendly and helpful. Sold a 99 Honda Civic for a good price.”

Azad O.

“I sold my truck, and I must say, what a great experience! He was not only helpful, and understanding, but helped me out of a not so good situation! He is a great asset to your firm, and I know from my years of experience this is one employee you rarely come across. Once again thank you!”

Juan S.

“A guy by the name of Andrew came out super-fast. Very nice and professional! Everything was done and handled within 45 minutes. I’m very happy with the decision I’ve made.”

Britany D.

“I decided to sell my car yesterday evening, and this morning I have cash in hand and received a great price for my car! Justin at the office and Jason in the field did a great job of answering my questions, and were very straight forward and professional. I will definitely use these guys again! Thanks a ton.”

Lee M.

“ was great, I called them and the very next thing a nice guy named Roger came out and took a look at my 2001 Jeep Wrangler. They were very fair and treated me like an actual human being, instead of just seeing dollar signs. They offered me a more than fair price on my vehicle and it was sold that day, and I had the cash in-hand. The buyer was a great guy and I will gladly do business with him again any day.”

Jason B.

“Excellent service, 5 stars!”

Lee H.

“Great experience. The buyer was a great help and was real helpful. Would do it again.”

Margarita C.

“The buyer was courteous and very kind. He called me before he left and gave me a time window when he would come. He carefully took a look at the car and gave a reasonable price. After both parties agreed on the price, he went through all the procedures to relieve the liability from a DMV website. Overall, he was a great person to work with.”

Sang P.

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!! I am so excited about this business and their representative Cameron.

“The website is VERY easy to use. I have a truck I needed to sell, but the engine had some problems. I called Pick-A-Part, got a quote, but the website was cumbersome with no information so I had to call. The customer service was not helpful but they quoted a great price but told me it was not firm!! So I decided to do a second search and found

“I was able to do a full inquiry on a live chat. The representative was so informative and walked me through the whole process. After I scheduled an appointment, I promptly received a call from the buyer. In two hours, he met the price I had received from Pick-A-Part, arrived within an hour and the car was purchased with NO HASSLE.

“The buyer was AMAZING to deal with. Helpful, informative, knowledgeable, accommodating and courteous! AND to top it off, his word was GOLD!! There were NO changes or adjustments when he arrived. The whole deal was complete in less than half an hour, money in my hands. GO TO THIS COMPANY TO SELL YOUR CAR!!!

“The buyer was AWESOME, the website was EASY to use, and they are HONEST and full of integrity. Thank you!!!”

Marita J.

“Great experience! Called them around 10am and they had their employee out to my home by noon. He evaluated car and took pictures. He was able to send them digitally from his own laptop. Ten minutes later had an offer and sold the car. Cash in hand right there. Tow truck came within 48 hours to pick up car. No trouble, no worries. I highly recommend this service!”

Debbie S.

“Quick, efficient, and excellent jobs Justin and Rodger who have helped me to get rid of my car in less than two hours. Superb job and I rated both Justin and Rodger a big 5. If anyone wants to get rid of their car, I highly recommend this A-Team and their team in Silicon Valley. Thank you Justin and Rodger and both of you make my day.”

Johnson L.

“ was great to work with. I went on to the website, chatted with a rep online and by that night they came out to my house and gave me a great offer for my used car. They sent Andrew, the rep who came out to my house. He was honest and the deal was completed within a half hour. The best part: they paid me in cash!

“Overall: it’s a great business and I’m happy I found them online. If you have a used car to sell, call them first.”

Aaron Y.

“My wife and I had an unfortunate accident in our 2001 Explorer Sport Trac. We were driving home from a wedding, and a deer jumped out in front of us. We swerved and ended up hitting a guard rail…We were pretty shaken up by the whole thing to say the least and to make matters worse we were in the process of looking for a commuter car as gas is getting very expensive here in the Bay area.

“We were depending on the trade-in value of the truck to offset the total cost and were weighing our options as to if we were to go the insurance route and get the truck fixed, but with the deductible then the cost of insurance going up and the truck was due for the registration we decided to cut our losses and start over. I called around to see what our options were in regards to salvage companies and got quotes from four local companies that I knew about, they were all coming in around the same price range, some offered a little more if you towed the vehicle to them – but basically was about the same. I wasn’t too happy with the prospect of parting with my vehicle for that low so I did some more research – and I’m sure glad I did.

“ offered the most money, they offered to tow the vehicle, and they came out within 3 hours of the initial call! The gentlemen who came out to look at the truck was definitely not the used car man type – if you follow – he is very approachable, very fair when negotiating the price and a nice guy to do business with all around. He picked me up and drove me to where the vehicle was located, he helped me remove my belongings and everything I wanted to keep out of the truck, he had all the paper work ready to go and gave me clear informative instructions on the remaining steps to release liability and he made arrangements to have it towed that same day. The whole transaction took 5 hours from when I first called them to when the truck was being towed away. Definitely not their first rodeo – GREAT JOB!

“THANK YOU Roger and for helping me make the most of a bad situation. I would definitely refer anyone who needs this type of service to contact Definitely professional.”

Jonny L.G.

“I wish I had called them first because they were definitely the best car buying business in Los Angeles. Everyone was nice and the whole process was very easy and happened so fast! I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to sell their car!”

Erica S.

“I must apply that is the best!!! I just negotiated to sell my car with them and everything was fast, they gave me the cash right away, they work with you and they have a very nice staff that makes you feel comfortable. Once again I would like to acknowledge good business and that is”

Claudia C.

“I just sold my Volvo to We Buy Cars and it was very professional, the man who came out was very courteous, examined the car thoroughly and proposed a price we agreed on. They had all the paperwork needed and cash on hand. I was very pleased with the transaction.”

Linda H.

“My experience with was very positive. First I got more money than I had thought possible, given the condition of my car and second, the gentleman who came to fill out the paperwork was very friendly and polite. He was also very knowledgeable and competent. The whole process was done over the phone and in my home. Super easy!”

Patti B.

“I had to sell my car QUICK, and was worried I wouldn’t make enough in the amount of time that was needed. I really loved my car, and I must admit I was a little nervous, especially after the numerous attempts for weeks to sell it online, and being greeted by so many let’s call them ‘eccentrics’, certainly not the best position to be in as a single woman.

“Well from the first phone call I felt at ease. They were thorough, honest, and REALLY fast. They sent out a representative immediately to my home, no hassle, they were on time, and so friendly. I was lucky to work with Jason. He was amazing, especially dealing with me – someone who had never actually sold a car in this way before. I’ve dealt with having a lease (which is like throwing money away) or selling to the dealer (which always came with a great loss).

“Because I had some payoff to the bank they took me step by step through the process, and the buyer was with me every step of the way, answering every question I had, even if they were completely bizarre, driven by my lack of experience in this type of arrangement. I really can’t express in words how wonderful he was to work with. Not only did he hand me cash from the company, but in a matter of days my car was paid off.

“I would recommend this company to anyone looking to sell their car. They give you what your car is really worth, and they do everything they say they are going to do. They really do come to your door with CASH, no hassle, everyone is personable, and if you are in LA ask if Jason is available, he’s really one of the most honest, respectful, and patient guys I’ve ever worked with!

“Thank you so much We Buy Cars!!! THANK YOU JASON! You saved me!!! Mostly, thank you for being a legitimate company that really cares about people, that seems to be a rarity these days.”


“ was great. Found them on the Internet and not more than two hours later our truck was sold. Both company representatives that helped us (Justin online and Andrew in person) were professional, quick, and easy to work with.”